step 1: install sveltable with npm

Demo of NPM install Terminal
Demo of importing component

step 2: import sveltable into your application

step 3: pass in your data

Demo of passing in data
Demo of setting up display row

step 4: specify how many rows to display


search: search for values globally

Demo of global search feature
Demo of importing component

sorting: sort any column

multi-filter: filter multiple columns simultaneously

Demo of multiple filter
Demo of resizing columns

resizing: resize any columns

meet our team

Adam Moore

Adam Moore

Tampa, Florida
Adam is a dedicated software engineer who is a hands-on leader that is skilled in coordinating functional teams in fast-paced environments. He participates in several outreach programs for children that are victims of child abuse and introduces many to computer programming. While he has served the community in various capacities, he now aims to serve through technology.

“Development that makes a difference.”

Braddon Murphy

Braddon Murphy

New York City, New York
Braddon is a full stack software engineer who enjoys writing clean and reactive code, while always focusing on an excellent UX for end users. He will also beat you down a mountain on a pair of skis - apologies in advance.
Caryn Moy

Caryn Moy

Chicago, Illinois
Caryn is an empathetic software engineer who values quality mentorship and disability advocacy. When this Chicago-native is not coding or bouldering, she is creating social media content, producing podcast episodes, and organizing a scholarship and mutual aid grant for Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) of Color – a grassroots, 501c(3) non-profit organization. She is dedicated to breaking down barriers for minoritized individuals in speech pathology, and now in tech!
Mimi Kwayo

Mimi Kwayo

Houston, Texas
Mimi is a software engineer based out of Houston, TX who enjoys building applications that make life easier. When she's not coding or hiking or traveling, she's eradicating dangerous beings, one spider at a time.
Tommy Ngo

Tommy Ngo

Dallas, Texas
Tommy is a software engineer based out of Dallas, TX with a passion in system optimization and big data. In his free time, he enjoys mountain biking, bouldering, and experimenting with food recipes.